Rate Card RFP

Rate Card RFP

Centralize your law firm rate card submissions and compare them with competing firms to improve future rate card negotiations and outcomes.

Send and collect RFP requests

Bodhala’s provides a single form for law firms to submit their rate cards, and centralizes these rates cards into one easy to use dashboard.

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Use historical data to plan for the future.

Core to understanding the impact of new rate cards and comparing different firms is being able to apply new rate information to a prior years’ demand of legal services — the same types of matters, use of different classes of timekeepers, and different types of firms.  

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Drive the best prices possible for legal services.

Bodhala will help you identify the best negotiating leverage points to counter the common objections law firms present to their clients for rate increases.

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Learn how Bodhala can make your legal operations smarter

With quick-start implementation, you can optimize your spend faster than ever.