Market Intelligence

Understanding the competitive landscape

With the power of AI-driven data enhancement, Bodhala’s trailblazing proprietary platform allows legal departments to identify trends and market opportunities to make more strategic business decisions.


Understand what you’re paying compared to your peers in the market by measuring performance and value.

Benchmarking Made Simple (1)


Search data that is categorized to identify law firm expertise and capabilities of partners, size of practice areas, geographic areas, compensation structures, and more.


Billing Guidelines

Discover nuanced solutions for complex matters and best practices for managing outside counsel spend.

Case Studies Best Practices

Negotiation Empowerment

See the outcome of your spend in practice areas and have more empowered conversations with your law firms to drive down rates over time.

Negotiation empowerment

Industry Reports

Navigate the future of legal with Bodhala’s legal matter expertise and data-driven reports.

Case Studies

How clients leverage Bodhala's Market Intelligence

Learn how Bodhala can help you save up to 20% on your outside counsel spend.