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Letter from the CEO – Introducing Bodhala’s New CRO, Russ Bley

I am delighted to welcome Russ Bley to Bodhala as our new Chief Revenue Officer. 

When seeking to fill this role, we wanted someone with an innate talent for leadership, flexibility, creativity and ease of character. As Bodhala continues to manage the effects of COVID, the company needed someone who would be especially undaunted and ready to charge, head on, into an uncertain climate.

We found this person in Russ. He’ll be driving Bodhala’s expansion as we continue to transform the legal industry.

Russ hails from St. Louis originally and possesses the classic Midwestern qualities of being congenial and likable (I say this, of course, as a person also raised in the Midwest 🙂 ). Those personal qualities are further complemented by his impressive track record of building and leading sales teams and integrated partnerships.  

When he was just starting out, he aspired to become a sports announcer or film critic after graduating from Loyola University in Chicago. Instead, he nabbed a post-graduate sales job with MTV (for those of you 35 and older, this was a very cool job), which set the course for the rest of his career.

He has led partnership sales at The Weather Channel, rolled out a national sales team at Undertone that rapidly scaled the business, and most recently, helped global organizations modernize their marketing campaigns as the Senior VP of Global Sales at NewsCred. 

Beyond our Midwest ties, I was personally drawn to Russ because he understands disruptive technology. In just a few short weeks at Bodhala, he has introduced countless ideas that will elevate our business as we continue to trailblaze a new era of legal market intelligence.

In life beyond Bodhala, Russ lives in Chatham, New Jersey with his wife, Shannon, and teen daughters, Cleo and Marea. He’s an avid traveler, mapping out new trips whenever he can. From Iceland to Norway to Yellowstone, and Utah’s “Big Five,” Russ’ favorite hobby is exploring the great outdoors with his family. Although he has lived in the Northeast for some time now, his loyalty remains with the St. Louis Cardinals — and more importantly, his daughters’ soccer and softball teams. 

He is also an avid runner (do not call him a “jogger”) and, even in that phase of life, he is a leader. He is the captain of a Ragnar Ultra Relay team which means he goes to crazy places and runs non-stop with five of his friends for two days straight.  :scream:

To get a sense of Russ, check out his recent LinkedIn post “Trust: The Best Interviewing Tactic of All Time.” He talks about why he decided to make the move to Bodhala. For Russ, the move was about more than a change of scenery and a new challenge. He was looking for a partner who shared his ethos for trust and teamwork and found it with us.

I’m thrilled to have Russ partner with me as we take Bodhala to the next level. 

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