Legal Spend Analytics

Gain powerful analytics on legal spend and operations that extend your capabilities beyond eBilling to drive effective data-backed decisions.

  • Easily access deep financial insight
  • Optimize workloads and spend
  • On-going benchmarking and decision-making

Bodhala’s industry-leading analytics platform allows business-savvy GCs and legal operations professionals to run their legal departments in a demonstrable data-driven and cost-effective way.

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Predictive Analytics

Bodhala's industry-leading platform driven by our proprietary data sets.

Leading To Action and ROI

Highlighting opportunities for lowering costs with existing counsel.

Machine Learning

Consistently Getting Better

To help inform enterprise decisions about legal pricing and quality.

Using dozens of signals and big data to make better decisions.

Highly Secure

Bodhala prides itself on the highest level of security.

Industry Best Practices

Trusted by some of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies.

Easy Implementation

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Highly Customizable

If we don’t already have what you need, we can build it quickly!

Why Bodhala

  • Immediate Time-to-Value

    Control your own legal technology stack and avoid the 80-90% failure rates of home grown solutions.

  • 360 Dashboarding

    The right data in front of the right people at the right time.

  • Internal Scorecarding

    Explain how business choices drive costs to internal clients.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Instantly identify opportunities for savings with data from our Hercules dataset containing firm business model index’s, lawyers, and matter analysis.

  • High Value Views of Data

    Firm Optimizer, Lead Partner Analysis and Block Billing Heat Maps allow you to get most value out of your legal dollar.

  • External Scorecarding

    Send regular quantitative feedback to law firms in a way that drives cost-efficient and effective behavior.

Understand Your Legal Spend In A Whole New Way

Legal Analytics Dashboard

Bodhala’s advanced analytics software utilizes expert, data-driven visibility of legal spend beyond eBilling.


Evaluate and compare legal spend against market rates to make better decisions about budgets across current service providers and alternatives.

Rate Card Simulations

Centralized platform to compare firms against one another.

Task Talent

Leverage narratives to understand how firms handle different legal tasks and if work is being done by appropriate talent level.

Timekeeper Diversity

Diversity analytics enable corporations to gain visibility of their firms’ diversity staffing to hit metrics as well as cut down on costs.

Firm Scorecards

Internally benchmark firms by scoring them against key metrics and analytics.

How Clients Leverage Bodhala Analytics

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