Legal Data in the Driver’s Seat at Microsoft

  • Microsoft has agreed to join a growing coalition of legal departments looking to standardize legal data for machine learning environments
  • More and more legal departments are talking about making data-driven decisions with their outside counsel
  • Bodhala does precisely that with the power of our industry-leading data set and analytics

Over at Bloomberg’s Big Law Business, Roy Strom reports Microsoft has begun rolling out a new standard for legal taxonomy developed by the Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance.

Although now in a pilot program, the move is an effort to standardize all legal matters facing the tech giant in hopes of getting a better grasp on legal spend.

Here’s a killer quote that caught our eye:

“We are more and more asked to think about how we enable our teams to make data-driven decisions about how they engage with outside counsel and how they do their work,” she said. She noted SALI taxonomy will help Microsoft legal teams to the extent that it can create cleaner data models for them to leverage.
Preach! We hear this from clients and in discussions with industry leaders every week. And an implementation at this scale will almost certainly lead to greater adoption of a data-driven mentality across the market.

At Bodhala, the leading tech platform enabling corporate legal teams to analyze and optimize their spend, we’re laser-focused on helping companies make these data-driven decisions with our insights and one-of-a-kind data set.

We enable enterprises to get a handle on not only where legal bills are coming from, but why money is being spent, and how to optimize that outcome. Turning on the power of Big Data for your legal department, we deliver efficiency, savings, and a culture of accountability for everyone.

Anyone who works at the intersection of Big Law and Big Business knows there’s a shift underway. Just recently the Wall Street Journal cited our data to show how the legal industry is changing at lightning pace. CHECK IT OUT >>>

We’d love the opportunity to help your company follow Microsoft’s lead. Shoot us a message and let’s talk about how your existing data can make sense of your spend. Request a custom demo here or email us at


Big Law Is Changing In Big Ways and Bodhala Is Helping Explain Why.

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