Data Optimization

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Transform bad data into accurate, structured data capable of delivering trustworthy, high-impact insights.

Hercules, Bodhala’s proprietary machine learning engine, cleans and enhances data as it enters the system, transforming bad data into usable, structured data.  


Hercules first ensures your data is usable and well-structured.

Common data cleaning includes:


  • Ensure format consistency
  • Identify & resolve duplicates
  • Reconcile & standardize names (e.g. James McGill, Jim McGill, J McGill)
  • Standardize practice areas, UTBMS, and matter tagging


Once clean, Hercules enhances your data, improving the quality and accuracy of the analytics.

Common enhancements include:


  • Translate open text into standard organizational tags (e.g. UTBMS, matter types or practice areas)
  • Identify AFAs
  • Distinguish Write Offs vs Discounts/IFs
  • Standardize practice areas, UTBMS, and matter tagging
  • Improve Practice Area Taxonomy (e.g. adding and allocating sub-areas for more granular analysis)
  • Augment Data Records (e.g. add timekeeper details, benchmark rates, etc.)

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