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Save More With eBilling + Bodhala

eBillers are great at paying legal bills but were not built to support data analytics. Bodhala is purpose-built for legal spend analytics to deliver strategic insights and actionable benchmarks so you can better manage your firms and optimize your spend.

The Bodhala Difference: Hercules
Making sense of raw, unstructured, and chaotic data from eBillers.

Bodhala’s proprietary machine-learning engine, Hercules, automatically cleanses and organizes your data, filling in gaps and creating alignment across your entire spend. The result is a clean, apples-to-apples data set that can then be augmented with engineered and 3rd party data to deliver everything from internal and market benchmarking to RFP optimization.

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Future-Facing Insights
Machine learning and 3rd party data that deliver actionable insights.

From optimizing your rate negotiations to firm selection and management, Bodhala’s actionable insights help you shape the future of your firm relationships with informed, strategic decisions.

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Granular, Apples-to-Apples Analysis
An easy to analyze data set.

Bodhala allows you to compare anything from staffing and partner hours to rates and diversity across firms, practice areas and matter-types. You can also take a deep dive and compare individual matters, timekeepers, and even do task cost analysis – unlike your eBiller.

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Benchmark Against the Market
Find out what you should be paying.

Bodhala’s Hercules engine uses machine learning and 3rd party data to benchmark your firms against relevant competitors for similar types of work,. The result is truly valuable ammunition to start rate negotiations with your existing firms or make informed decisions on new firms for your panel.

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ROI Calculation
Project how a rate change will impact your overall spend.

Bodhala’s comprehensive rate tracking system and Savings Calculator accurately projects how broad rate card changes, as well as how minor changes impact your spend. Don’t be afraid to get granular – even an associate rate at a specific firm in a specific practice area can have a significant impact.

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Improve Processes & Outcomes
Streamline the RFP process for rate cards and individual matters.

Bodhala helps you optimize the outcome of your RFP process by providing you with key metrics to inform your decision-making. Bodhala is a critical partner for effectively selecting and managing outside counsel.

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Invoice Review vs Guidelines Analysis
Identify rate inconsistencies, block billing, and much more.

Bodhala takes a holistic look at your guidelines and can identify the simple inconsistencies, as well as an extensive set of other guideline issues from overstaffing meetings to excessive partner hours.


Learn how Bodhala can help you save up to 20% on your outside counsel spend.