Bodhala is moving the world of Big Law forward for the better, for good.

Join us.

Bodhala is a company of imagination, and we’re looking for big thinkers to help move us forward. The word ‘bodhala’ is Sanskrit for ‘illumination of talent.’ As a company, our driving objective is illuminating clear solutions to seemingly impossible problems with the power of data.

The challenge before us is great, and our team is taking on the challenge. Our work is already creating deeply impactful, immediate results for not only our clients, but for the way we all do business.

To get there, we need visionaries with imagination who understand the scope of the solutions and are willing to dive in headlong to achieve success for themselves, our clients, and our company. Put short, we’re looking for the best talent in the world.

If you believe you’re running at our octane, let’s chat. Check out our open positions below.

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Open Positions

All positions are based at our New York City office, unless otherwise stated.