Bodhala Co-CEO Raj Goyle's Take on Data in the Super Bowl… And the Law.

Check out Bodhala CEO Raj Goyle’s take on the Eagles’ use of sports data – and how these same concepts are being applied in the law.

Data Analytics…in the Super Bowl?

While Cris Collinsworth rightly praised Doug Pederson’s gutsy call for a trick play at fourth and goal that resulted in a key touchdown for the Eagles, he totally missed how Pederson knew it was the right call.
No, it wasn’t just his gut. Or a gambler’s feel for the game. Quite the opposite.
Coach Pederson knew the odds were in his favor because he uses datadata analytics and an in-game workflow that increases his efficiency and yields better outcomes (check out this amazing NYT piece).

That’s right – “Moneyball” has arrived at the NFL. Listen to Eagles owner Jeff Lurie about his coach:
“He can do whatever he chooses to do, but when you have the resource of data, why not? It’s kind of a no-brainer.”

If the NFL, an industry dominated by people who “just know” the right thing to do (sound familiar, lawyers?), can use data-driven decision-making in the middle of the Super Bowl, then the legal world can certainly optimize its legal spend to ensure precious dollars are being used effectively.

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