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Corporate legal departments tend to rely on e-billing or data visualization tools to manage their law firm billing, but these platforms fail to cover the nuances of legal spend management and deliver meaningful insights.

More Than An E-biller
Our dashboard answers the following questions that your traditional data visualization platforms can’t:

  • How do firms allocate work to their associates?
  • How do law firms account for different discounts?
  • How much time, on average, does each matter take and what does it cost?
  • How much are you paying compared to the industry rate?
  • How are your rate cards impacting your total legal spend?

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Detailed Reporting You Can Trust
The visibility needed to optimize operations effectively.

By augmenting and enhancing line item data, our platform places detailed insights at your fingertips. This allows you to optimize your spend, streamline processes, and improve decision-making.

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