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What's with our name?

The term ‘bodhala’ is sanskrit for “the illumination of talent”. We believe that great legal talent can be discovered at market-driven prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver groundbreaking legal technology solutions to every in-house legal department, bringing about a transformation in the legal industry, one data point at a time. Bodhala actualizes real transparency, real accountability, and real control.

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Our values reflect our commitment to the success of our clients.



You can’t argue with data. Our machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities reveal industry benchmarks and recommend the most effective representation for every matter.



Our on-demand dashboard reporting drives stronger relationships with outside counsel through powerful insights that support smarter data-driven decisions.



Information is power. We help our clients discover great legal talent at market-driven prices. Millions of records analyzed = millions of dollars saved.



The first of its kind, our platform revolutionizes and streamlines processes that deliver powerful insights to those who seek them.

Client Success

Client Success

We enable you to analyze costs & data patterns that are worthy of attention, only flagging what truly matters for the most relevant analysis.

Meet our leadership

Raj Goyle


Ketan Jhaveri


Brad Chick


John Maloney

SVP and Head of Client Success

Chris Bennett

VP Strategy

Jeff Hogg

Director of Tech Operations

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