Spend Management for Legal Departments

Unleash the power of your data to spend smarter and enhance high-impact decisions.

Join legal innovators around the globe and save up to 20% on your outside counsel spend.

The right lawyer, the right firm, the right price.

Actionable insights to maximize every dollar.

Purpose-built solutions powered by real market intelligence ensure you always have the right lawyer at the right firm for the right price.

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legalspend analytics

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Transform bad data into accurate, structured data capable of delivering trustworthy, high-impact insights.

Bodhala’s proprietary machine learning engine cleans and enhances data as it enters the system, transforming bad data into usable, structured data.

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World Class, Personalized Support

Every Bodhala customer gets a dedicated team of legal industry experts to ensure your success from implementation through execution.

From data analysts to former lawyers, our team of experienced experts is here to help.

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